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Having “grown up” watching multi-sport events like the Commonwealth Games, Harmanpreet Kaur, the captain of the Indian women’s cricket team, gets shivers just thinking about the march she and the rest of the delegation will make on July 28 during the opening ceremony. Women’s cricket is being played for the first time in the Commonwealth Games.

“This competition is crucial to us. We’re competing for a medal this time. If I may speak for myself, we have grown up watching these kinds of competitions and we are excited that we now have the chance to take part in a significant event.”

Harmanpreet said at the pre-departure press briefing here on Saturday, “I think the future will be excellent for us if we keep getting these (types of) possibilities.”

Harmanpreet, who has participated in World Cups before, is anticipating a unique experience.

Because of what we were discussing and the fact that we will be taking part in a multi-sport event this time, I genuinely felt as though I was walking down that (CWG) road while you were speaking.

We will be there to support other teams and cheer them on because it is no longer just about cricket. We want to celebrate each and every medal. We are all quite enthusiastic since this time will be completely different, she remarked. Along with their bitter rivals, Pakistan, Australia, and Barbados, India is placed in Group A. On July 29, they take on Australia to start their campaign.

They (teams like Australia) have always presented us with stiff opposition whenever we play against them. Additionally, we appear to be doing well this time. Every game will be important for us, and we’ll aim to offer everything we’ve got. Harman asserts that success in major events is crucial.

Yes, as cricket players, we constantly yearn for more cricket matches, and this year, we get to take part in a multi-sport competition. It is crucial to play well at huge events, so the more of these there are, the better for women’s cricket.


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