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A government organisation is questioning Sonia Gandhi, the leader of India’s opposition Congress party, about a corruption investigation.

She and her son Rahul Gandhi are alleged to have used party funds improperly to purchase priceless real estate through a complicated financial transaction.

Gandhi refutes every accusation. They assert that the federal law enforcement authorities are being used for political vengeance by the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Rahul Gandhi, who was questioned in connection with the same case in June, was with her when she arrived at the ED office. Initially summoned for questioning at the same time, Mrs Gandhi had to wait after testing positive for COVID-19.

After being brought to the hospital, the 75-year-old leader was later released in June.

Mrs Gandhi will be questioned by a federal law enforcement agency for the first time at this time. Leaders of the Congress party have accused the BJP of abusing federal institutions to settle political scores, but the BJP has refuted these claims.

Rahul Gandhi’s great-grandfather and the nation of India’s first prime minister founded the National Herald newspaper in 1938.

Associated Journals Limited (ALJ), which was established in 1937 with 5,000 additional freedom fighters as its stockholders, published the journal.

Nehru gave up his position as newspaper board chairman in 1947 to assume the position of prime minister.

Mr Swamy claims that the Gandhis attempted to purchase real estate properties worth more than 20 billion rupees ($250 million or £208 million) in several cities, including Delhi and Mumbai, by using Congress party finances and taking control of ALJ.

Rahul Gandhi was questioned by the ED about the charges in June for almost 50 hours spread across five days. Huge protests were organised by party leaders in support of him.

According to reports, Mrs Gandhi will be accompanied by key leaders as she travels to the ED headquarters. On Thursday, opposition parties are anticipated to bring up the subject in Parliament.


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