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Emirates Airlines has agreed to place a cap on sales for its flights leaving from Heathrow until mid-August after the airport requested that carriers reduce capacity.

The airport had previously requested that the airline with its headquarters in Dubai deny its request to immediately restrict flight capacity.

Company executives gathered on Friday morning to examine ways to stop travel chaos in the coming weeks.

Delays and cancellations have occurred as a result of airports’ inability to handle the increase in post-pandemic travel demand.

In a joint statement, Emirates and Heathrow disclosed their agreement.

Emirates first turned down Heathrow’s request for airlines to make abrupt capacity cuts, describing it as “unreasonable and undesirable.”

Heathrow was accused by the airline of “blatant disrespect” for travellers after limiting passenger numbers to 100,000 per day throughout the summer. The airline also claimed that the airport was in danger of “an ‘airmageddon’ crisis due to their incompetence and non-action.”

A different UAE-based airline, Etihad, stated on Friday that it would continue to operate all five of its daily return flights between Abu Dhabi and Heathrow at full capacity through the end of the month, in defiance of Heathrow’s request.

Heathrow asserted that it had no choice but to impose a limit on outgoing travellers, which will be in place until September 11th.

There are concerns that travellers may encounter more disruption and travel delays as schools begin to break up and the UK prepares to enter the key summer vacation time.

 Emirates said that it had been threatened with legal action if it did not lower the number of departing passengers and ensuing flights within the allotted 36-hour period.

Airports and airlines that reduced employees during the height of the coronavirus pandemic have had a hard time replacing positions as demand for international travel has surged.

Heathrow asserted that it had “tried to be as supportive as possible to airlines,” and that its 64,000 passenger limit was higher than Schiphol’s in Amsterdam.


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