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After a video of him racing home from work went viral, an Indian guy received multiple offers of assistance.

The footage was shot by filmmaker Vinod Kapri, who gave Pradeep Mehra, 19, a lift as he sprinted past his car. On the other hand, Mr Mehra declined the offer, claiming that he runs roughly 10 km (six miles) every night to be in shape to join the Indian Army.

The video, which was posted on Sunday evening, has already received over 6 million views. Mr Mehra was on his way home from a night shift at a McDonald’s in Noida City, which is located on the outskirts of the national capital Delhi when Kapri spotted him.

After noticing the man running with a bag and believing he could be in trouble, the filmmaker said he offered him a ride.

He recorded the footage while driving beside Mr Mehra, asking him questions to figure out why he had denied the ride.

Mr Mehra, who lives with his brother in Noida, told Kapri that he ran every night after work since he didn’t have time to exercise during the day.

He continues, smiling and not missing a beat as he declines Kapri’s invitation to supper, claiming that he must prepare for himself and his older brother, who is also working the night shift.

Mr Mehra says he couldn’t run in the morning since he had to get up early and cook before going to work. His parents, he claims, were back home in Uttarakhand, where his father was caring for his ailing mother.

Lieutenant General Satish Dua (Retired) tweeted that he had discussed Mr Mehra’s training with a top Indian Army official.

According to a spokeswoman, Mr Mehra’s education and his mother’s hospital fees will be paid for by the opposition Samajwadi Party.

Kapri returned to the McDonald’s shop on Sunday night to greet Mr Mehra as he left work. He decided to forego his daily run this time and accepted Kapri’s offer of a ride home. He explained, “I didn’t want to stop jogging in the middle of the night to accept your offer.”


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