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After his “sexist” post about badminton sensation Saina Nehwal sparked a social media controversy, actor Siddharth has apologised to her.

In reaction to a tweet by Nehwal, Siddharth said he was trying to make a “rude joke.”
However, he added in a tweet on Tuesday night that his “tone and language” couldn’t be justified.

Siddharth’s remark sparked an uproar due to an alleged sexual insult, which he disputes.
The feud began after Siddharth responded to a tweet by Nehwal about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s security breach last week.

Mr Modi was briefly stranded on a flyover in Punjab, north India, on his route to a rally when a group of farmers protested and blocked the highways.

He eventually left without attending the programme and returned to Delhi.
The incident, which the home ministry called a “serious lapse,” sparked a political storm over who was to blame for the breach.

Members of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have accused the Punjab government, which is led by the opposition Congress party, of attempting to purposefully damage Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s security.

Nehwal, who joined the BJP in 2020, decried the “cowardly attack on PM Modi by anarchists” on Twitter, but did not name anyone in particular.

On Twitter, Siddharth, a critic of Mr Modi, quoted her comment, writing: “The world’s most subtle cock champion.” Thank God for India’s protectors. “

The National Commission for Women (NCW) of India even wrote to Twitter, requesting that Siddharth’s account be blocked.

Siddharth then deleted both of the tweets that sparked the issue, as well as his explanation.
He apologised to Nehwal in a letter he tweeted late Tuesday night.

Since his debut in a Tamil film about two decades ago, Siddharth has been in several films. While he is better known in the southern film industry, his role in the 2006 Bollywood hit Rang De Basanti has made him a household name among Hindi moviegoers.

Nehwal is one of India’s most well-known athletes, having become the first Indian badminton player to win an Olympic medal. She is widely credited with inspiring many young ladies to play badminton in a cricket-obsessed society.


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