In today’s world where most of the work is now being done on the internet, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, the entire human race has been forced to shift their world onto their devices with internet connections, not only the dependence on the internet has increased but the various threats like privacy issues and viruses have also increased, Wecript has emerged out as a solution to deal with this problem.

Although incorporated in August 2019, the ideation of the company was laid long before. With international messaging not as advanced as it is today, the origin of sKarn Robotics occurred out of the need to reach out to loved ones. It all started with the thought of creating an application that would securely allow people to interact and communicate. It respects and protects its users’ privacy and security by building world-class technology. So, its prime focus is to make the web and communication safer and secure for everyone.

People often unknowingly trade security and privacy to avail services on the internet. While browsing the internet on a web browser, cookies track user activities. With the brightest problem solvers on board, they aim to tackle the threat posed to the privacy of people.

Atmanirbhar Bharat forms the essence of their company. They are amongst the very few organizations taking initiatives for women empowerment. They are doing so by creating a pipeline of women leaders and are diversifying the thinking by assigning all the major positions in the company to women.

Its solution for all the internet surfer’s problems has been figured out by providing them with no data tracking, and ad-free surfing, now what else can be more satisfying.

Skarn Robotics is adherent with the various Data Privacy laws across the world. It also ensures various rights to its users, such as the right of rectification, the right to object, the right of restriction, the right to data portability, the right to withdraw consent.

Wecript search also has some unusual features such as accurate information, the option to choose any country, supports various formats, image search, fast search, safe search, etc.wecript is not limited to search engine, they have their own browser editor and other products that are ready to storm the market.

Wecript browser works on their own inhouse search engine that helps users to protect their privacy, it has various exciting features like reader mode, app lock, bookmarks, private download manager, etc.

Wecript photo editor has the most unique and interesting feature which includes features like, face editor, body shape editor, collage, insta square, rotating pictures, and it is easy to save and share.

All in all, Wecript is an amazing development that solves almost all the problems faced by internet surfers and is definitely a great significant step that will enhance the experience of internet surfing to the next level.

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