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If you are a citizen of Uttar Pradesh then pornography might land you behind the bars.

The police of Uttar Pradesh has hired a company to monitor those who are looking for pornography content online. 

UP Women Power line 1090 is set up by UP police to report anyone who is looking for pornographic content online. The step is taken under the new digital outreach program of UP police to ensure women’s security, safety, and empowerment.

“If a person sees pornography, the analytics team will get the information… The internet data will inform the 1090 team if a person is searching for porn. The team will then send ‘awareness messages’ to the person. By doing this, the crime will be stopped at the initial process itself. If a woman is still being molested, then 1090 will take action,” said Neera Rawat, Additional Director General of UP Police’s Women Power line wing.

UP police have launched its new program “Hamari Suraksha: Mobile haath mein, 1090 saath mein” through the ‘UP Women Power line 1090′ for women’s safety and empowerment. 

“We want to instill fear amongst offenders. But at the same time, we believe that the solution to women-related issues lies in impacting the minds and bringing a cultural change too,” said Rawat.

“The campaign will be spread in a phased manner to cover all internet users and amplify our outreach amongst households, including rural and urban, and students and persuade them to join hands with WPL-1090 through digital platforms and spread the word” added Rawat.


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