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A special POCSO court releases a man who was in jail for the last three years over the fake case of rape registered by her daughter. The girl is a minor and filed the case against his father on the provocation of his maternal uncle. 

The special POCSO court granted the man bail after his daughter admitted during the trial that she has registered a fake case under the influence of his maternal uncle.

Based on the minor girl’s statement, the court released the father and fined the maternal uncle Rs 50,000. In case of failure in submitting the fine, he will be jailed for a month. 

According to a report by The Times of India, the girl used to live at her maternal uncle’s house, and he convinced her to plot against her father and file a fake rape case against him. The girl followed her uncle’s instructions and a complaint was filed by her in 2017 in Modinagar police station in Ghaziabad district.

Under the POCSO Act and relevant IPC sections, the father was arrested and jailed for three years. 

The case was heard by Mahendra Srivastava where the girl confessed during the trial she falsely accused her father. Judge Mahendra Srivastava ordered that 50% of the fine on the uncle will be paid to the girl’s father.


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