Image source: Twitter

100 vehicles ranging from small cars, SUVs to 18 wheels trucks collided with each other forming a massive heap of crumple metals.  

American broadcast network CNN reported that 100 vehicles crashed around 50 kilometers from Dallas, Texas killing three people in the United States. 

The local fire department was informed that several people are stuck in piles of metal. 

Official site for Fort Worth Fire Dept Public Information tweeted with the picture of the crash and said, “MCI alert. 1601 N Freeway. Multiple vehicles are involved. Multiple people trapped. More details to follow. PIO responding.

Jason McLaughlin, a self-proclaimed Extreme weather forecaster, and professional storm chaser shared the video of the incident and wrote “here at the scene in North Fort Worth of one of the worst disasters I have ever seen in this area. Pray. Pray hard. 100+ vehicles.”

The video shows several heavily damaged vehicles crashed into each other and their parts hurled on the road.

Fort Worth Star, a local publication reported that at least 30 people have been taken to hospital. Among the people taken to the hospital, many are in critical condition. 24 fire units have also reported to the place the publication added. 


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