The business world is really competitive. The dynamic changes here every day, new
startups come and go, the older ones shut down. One of the most important things that set
one business apart from others is its promotions. Promotions always benefit a company and
for that, you need to hire a good sales and marketing agency.

But what makes any sales and marketing agency special. Well, the answer is the leader. If
you know the captain is good then you obviously get assured the team is great. One of such
rising tycoons in the sales and marketing industry is Chitiz Agarwal.

Chitiz is the CEO of Techila Global Services, a company that provides cloud-based software
and mobile digital solutions for the enterprise. Techila Global Services provides Salesforce
CRM and operates in India and the USA.

Salesforce simplifies the use of a cloud-based business application and helps stay
connected with customers. Salesforce is the leading CRM platform in the world.

Techila Global services have been dominating this field for years due to its excellent
customer services It provides cloud-based software and mobile digital solutions for

Chitiz is a master of the technology domain. He has spent more than a decade working in
this. He has experience of more than 14 years in

With his excellent team leading skills his company has now more than 500+ happy
customers and 800+ complete projects, Techila Global Services is a reputed name in the
market. They also have 100+ third party integration and 500+ happy customers.

He is a leader and a mentor and knows how to turn hard work into smart work effectively. He
is a Forbes Technology Council Member and a Community Group Leader in Salesforce
Trailblazer Community.

His company’s effective way of working and his unique strategies and effective plans have
earned appreciation and respect from everyone. They understand their customers’ needs
and analyze everything and efficiently execute their plans. They provide customized services
to each customer. Under Chitiz’s mentorship, the company gains massive success in
marketing and promotions.

Chitiz believes in inspiring others through his work. He is a man with experience and wisdom
and wants to share his knowledge with others. He knows the power of knowledge and
awareness. Furthermore, he understands how crucial it is to get knowledge and how it can
change anyone’s life. He also understands that not everyone can afford good quality
education. He aims to provide free education to people on the Salesforce ecosystem.

He is an inspiration for others. Entrepreneurs follow him and take inspiration from them. He
is the Guru of this field and has integrated with big brands like QuickBooks, Xero,
WordPress, Moodle, Goto Meeting, Dropbox, Amazon. His unique strategies and advance
plans have helped the company boost the cross-selling, up-selling of clients’ business.

When it comes to his educational qualification, he has mastered that too. He was a B. Tech
student with more than 3 Major Salesforce certifications. He is also involved in all the
aspects of Software Development for instance requirement engineering, architecture design,
development, enhancements, testing, and deployment, and can also perform these tasks

His effective designs and distinct marketing strategies make him the master of sales and the
marketing industry. His personal blog is


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