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After the violence in the capital by some sects of farmers, it is reported that the man who flared the Sikh flag on his family has fled their village. Jugraj Singh is a 23 years old man from Wan Tara Singh, and he has been alleged of hoisting the Nishan Sahib on the red fort.

Nishan Sahib is the sacred flag of Sikhs. It is the traditional symbol of Khalsa Panth (corps of initiated Sikhs) and symbolizes oneness, of Unity of Justice, Humanity, and Immortality. 

Responding to Jugraj’s act his Grandfather said, “Bari Kripa hai Babae di, bahut Sohan hai.”

An elder of the village, Prem Singh also responded on the matter and called Jugraj innocent and very hard-working. 

“Jugraj’s act is definitely an unfortunate one, but this young and innocent boy didn’t know the consequences of hoisting a flag in such a manner on Lal Qila. But then it was a spontaneous act and not a planned one, I myself saw on TV that the flags were already fluttering in tractors. Somebody gave him a flag and prompted him to hoist it, and he climbed to the top”.

Actor turned politician Deep Sidhu has taken responsibility for the incidents. In a recent video, he said, “The protesters didn’t go to Delhi to hurt anyone or damage government property, we didn’t even carry weapons. We only carried our flags and went to Delhi on our tractors. People should not term the protesters as communal elements or hardliners.”

He also claimed that he and the others have not taken down the National flag. 

“We have only hoisted the Nishan Sahib flag on the Red Fort while exercising our democratic right to protest”.


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