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YouTuber Carry Minati was asked to answer the allegation on the Kareena Kapoor show. 

Carry Minati aka Ajay Nagar who is popular on the internet for his roasts diss tracks responded in Kareena’s show ‘What Women want’ for being called an “online bully”. 

In his defense, he said, “First of all, whenever I roast someone, I take their permission. The person should know that I am making a video on him. If that person is familiar with my content, they have an idea of what to expect, and obviously, if they are not, they can always check out my channel. Until I get permission, I do not make a video”.

Carry has over 28 million subscribers. His most popular video in which he roasted TikTok stars was very controversial and taken down by YouTube. He was labeled as “misogynist” and “queer phobic” after his “YouTube Vs TikTok: The End” video.

He further added, “Secondly, from what I have seen, people’s reactions are mostly positive. Even if they troll the person, he is still getting fame and the audience to showcase his content. I would say they definitely get a boost. And the tone of my videos is friends sitting together and making fun of each other. I never make it intense”.

Carry Minati has also compared his evolution With a Pokémon, an anime character. He said that he has evolved into Raichu from Pikachu. He is currently at the Raichu stage but wants to evolve even further.

He has also topped the list of the best YouTube content creators of 2020. 


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