Image source: Live Law

A 17 years old girl alleged that 44 men raped her following her release in the last year from Kerala’s Malappuram rescue center. 

32 cases have been filed against 44 men. 3 are accused of rape and the rest of, molestation, and sexual abuse of the 17 years old girl. 

The cases have been registered in the Pandikkad region of the Malappuram district. 

According to the District Police Chief, the girl was a resident of a small colony in the Pandikkad region of Malappuram district. She used to live with her mother but went missing several times and was found every time. She was later shifted to a rescue home. The mother of the victim even lodged her missing complaint. 

All the rape and molestation cases are filed under POSCO and pending under various courts in the district. The crime came to light in the counseling session at a Nirbhaya center, the girl revealed that she was just 13 when she was first rape. 

Social activist P Geeta criticized the Child Welfare Committee for not paying attention to such cases. She said, “CWC has the responsibility of looking after POCSO cases but many times they do not take these cases seriously. In this case, the CWC has sent the child back to her home without ensuring the safety of the girl. They repeatedly did that which made way for such incidents happen repeatedly.” 

Police said that they are investigating the matter and will soon all the culprits will be arrested. They suspect personal revenge or rivalry as many people from a particular area are involved in this. 


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