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Photos of a newly built exotic park in the village of Kerala have gone viral and netizens are comparing it with European cities.

New Vagbhatananda Park is opened at Karakkad, near Vadakara in Kozhikode district. The park was inaugurated by state Tourism Minister Kadakampalli Surendran and it is built with a heavy amount of Rs 2.80 crore. The Uralungal Labour Contractors Cooperative Society (ULCCS) constructed the park, and it was founded by Vagabhadananda himself.

The park is laced with modern features and attractions, paved pathways, and modern designs. The artistic approach used while building the park is appreciated by everyone. The park has beautiful statues, an open stage, an open gymnasium, a badminton court, and a children’s park. The park is designed to be comfortable and warm for disabled people also including the paths and toilets which can easily accommodate disabled people. Pathways are friendly for wheelchairs also, and they have tactile tiles for the ease of a visually impaired person.

The park is built in the memory of one of the renaissance heroes “Sri Vagbhadananda Guru”. Sharing the information about the park Kadakampally Surendran shared a post. The minister also posted before and after pictures of the picture.

He posted, “The State Tourism Department spent Rs 2.80 crore to the land of Vadakara Karakkad, in memory of one of the renaissance heroes who played a big part in making modern Kerala news. In the first half of the twentieth century, he was a social reformer who fought against the miscreants including caste discrimination and beliefs including idol worship and exploitation that were made based on them.”

He further added, “Sri Vagbhadananda Guru, who realized that organized effort is necessary to solve the problems of people in physical life beyond just spirituality, his memorial was prepared in the land of Vadakara Karakkad, which shaped the ‘Atma Vidya Sangha’ as a stage of that way.”


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