Aga Syed Danish Rizvi

Poetry is an art and writers and poets have used it for thousands of years to express their unspoken feelings in words. A poet can write impersonal poetry or can express his own life and thoughts through his words. A poet can peek through your soul and can express you in the rarest forms. 

It takes a lot to be a poet and especially if you’re focused on a genre. You have to learn and experience and feel the poems to make it worth it. Sufi poetry is one of the purest and beautiful forms of poetry but nowadays it is rare but some hearts still carry the love for this and among them is a 26-year-old Sufi poet Aga Syed Danish Rizvi. 

Mr. Rizvi is a devoted Sufi mystic Poet, and he started writing at the age of 5.  Danish belongs to the Summer Capital (Srinagar) of Jammu and Kashmir, India, and apart from a poet he is also a writer and influencer. 

Danish is writing poems from his childhood and now his first book “Sron Sar”  has been published. The book is a collection of 110 poems and the title ‘Sron Sar’ means the lake with a depth that no one can measure. The poems are aligned in a way that conveys a journey to destiny through the Poet himself.

This Kashmiri Youth wants to promote the Kashmiri language and Kashmiri culture through his work. Danish idolized Hussain Ibn Ali (Grandson of Prophet Mohammad) and believes that destiny is the poet’s creator. 

His father Aga Syed Maqbool Hussain Rizvi who is a spiritual clerk is his inspiration. His father has always taught him to value God above everything and life is merely a journey to reach the Almighty. Inspired by his father “Aga Syed Maqbool Hussain Rizvi” he started writing poems at the age of 5 when children could barely read and write.


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