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In the Pong Dam Lake of Himachal Pradesh around 1,800 wild geese were found dead. Over 250 crows were found dead in more than 6 districts of Rajasthan. Dead crows are also found in Madhya Pradesh. The Bird flu has infected ducks in Kerala which compelled the authority to order the culling of ducks.

In Haryana havoc has been spread due to the mysterious death of One lakh poultry birds. 

The samples of the dead birds including the migratory birds were sent for investigation and the samples are found positive for H5Nl Avian Influenza Virus. 

H5Nl is an influenza virus that causes highly infectious disease Avian Influenza (bird flu) that leads to the mortality of birds. It causes severe respiratory disease in birds.

The union environment ministry has written letters to state chief secretaries and chief wildlife wardens asking them to form a monitoring committee and prepare a plan for monitoring migratory birds across the country. 

The letter reads, “Samples have been tested at the ICAR-National Institute of High-Security Animal Diseases, Bhopal, and are found to be positive for H5Nl Avian Influenza Virus.”

The letter emphasizes the need to pay attention to the matter and contain the spread of the virus and also advised the states and Union territories to take necessary steps for its containment. 

The letter also reads, “take up surveillance and monitoring of birds, for any signs of disease, and take appropriate measures for controlling it, on priority…… All deaths of migratory birds—their number and cause are to be reported to the environment ministry immediately.”

It added, “Intensive surveillance should be undertaken to look for any unreasonable bird behavior or death among wild birds as well as migratory birds. Vigilance should be stepped up in the zoos also.”


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