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Reliance Jio an Indian telecommunications company and a subsidiary of Jio Platforms is making all the outgoing and incoming calls on Jio Network free. With the discontinuation of interconnect usage charges (IUC) the subscribers of Reliance Jio company will not be charged for the domestic voice calls on any network, said the telecom service provider. 

While Jio to Jio calls are free but from last year the telecom company started charging for calls from Jio to another network. The subscribers had to buy a top-up plan for additional talk time above the free limit. A jio executive said that this additional charge system will be abolished now. 

6 paise per minute for calls are charged from the companies for any call made on another network. The zero interconnects usage charges (IUC) was postponed from December to 1 January,2021 by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai).

“(In accordance with the) directions of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (“TRAI”), Bill and Keep regime is being implemented in the country from January 1, 2021, thereby ending interconnect usage charges (IUC) for all domestic voice calls. Honoring its commitment to revert off-network domestic voice-call charges to zero, as soon as IUC charges are abolished, Jio will once again make all off-net (Jio to non-Jio) domestic voice calls free, starting January 1, 2021. On-net domestic voice calls have always been free on the Jio network,” said Jio service provider. 


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