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A boy was kidnapped by 2 men and his friends from Dakshina Kannada on 17 Dec 2020. The eight-year-old boy, Anubhav was rescued from Kolar on Saturday. The kidnappers had asked for 100 bitcoins, valued around Rs 17 crore in ransom. 

The whole kidnapping was like a movie drama and the kidnappers were tech savvy but the good thing is that the kid got rescued.

All the 6 six people involved in the abduction of the boy have now been arrested. The abductors have also been identified. From the group of 6, three were abductors and the rest were helping the two.

Ranjith (20) and Hanumanthu (21) two of the accused are residents of Mandya. Gangadhar (25), a resident of Mysuru, and Kamal (22), a resident of Electronic City who works as a mechanic in Bengaluru both of them along with Hanumanthu were abductors. 

Manjunath and Mahesh were working as the working hand of Gangadhar, Kamal, and, Hanumanthu. However, the main accused in the case is still not arrested and the Police say that he will be arrested soon.

 “We will know the exact details only after the main accused is apprehended. The other apprehended were all just hired for the job,” investigating police said.

The kidnapped boy was traced to a village in Malur of Kolar district named Kurnahosahalli which is 54 km away from Bengaluru. The police said that the boy was reunited with his family in Belthangady, Dakshina Kannada.

The case came into highlight because the abductors were demanding bitcoin in ransom. Such ransom demand is first in the state said police.

Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency. Currently, it is the world’s largest currency by market cap.

The joint police team of Kolar and Dakshina Kannada districts raided the house where kidnappers and his team were hiding and saved the boy from them. They raided the house in Kolar and Dakshina Kannada districts at 5 am when the accused were sleeping and arrested them and saved the boy from their clutches.

The eight-year-old who was kidnapped is Anubhav, son of Bijoy and grandson of an ex-serviceman Shivan. He was abducted in an Indica car bearing a yellow number plate. 

The father of the kid used to deal in bitcoins and the abductors demanded a ransom in bitcoins as it would be difficult to trace the transaction.

“The abductors had wanted the ransom in bitcoins as it would be difficult to trace the transaction”, Laxmi Prasad, Dakshina Kannada Superintendent of police told reporters. 

Initially, they demanded 100 bitcoins which worth around Rs 17 crore but later revised the amount to Rs 10 Crore and finally settled their demand with Rs 25 lakhs.

Deputy Superintendent of Police, Bantwala Subdivision, Valentine D’souza said that “ after the boy was kidnapped at around 6:30 pm on Thursday from near his house, the police took this up as a challenge since this is the first time in the state any kidnapper had demanded a ransom in a virtual currency”.

Deputy Superintendent of Police, Valentine D’souza led the four teams comprising of 20 policemen to investigate the case and track the kidnappers.

“This gang had kept track of the movement of the family for quite some time and they cultivated a few friends in the process here. One of them happened to reveal that this gang had inquired a lot about the father and his dealings, which co-related with our investigations too,” the Dy. SP said.

Police officials said that one of the gang members befriends a local autorickshaw driver so that he can collect information from him. The autorickshaw driver later helped the police get their original number but also tracked them through CCTV footage.


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