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Online classes were earlier just an option but it turns into a necessity during the lockdown. With all the schools and tuitions close parents and teachers could not compromise with the kids’ future and this led to the beginning of online class ritual in every school and coaching. 

Online classes became a lifeline for our education system. This change in the mode of education is fors and againsts of students. While the education system has some extremely beneficial points for both the student and the educator the disadvantages of online education can not be ignored.

Advantages of Online education 

Online classes are flexible. If available in the recorded form the student can attend it anytime and anywhere he wants. This makes it quite beneficial for the education system.

Online classes can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. The poor children or the kids who live in remote places can learn from them.

Online classes are more cost-efficient than in traditional ways. Some online classes and programs are absolutely free, you only need a device and an internet connection to access them. This makes it easily accessible to everyone.

Many classes are available in regional languages also and this makes the content accessible to regional kids who are not educated in English.

Not only kids, adults, but the person who was not able to complete his studies can also restart his educational journey with this.

Apart from syllabus and bookish languages, many online platforms provide classes about various topics. You can earn knowledge about anything you want to.

Online education gives the person the freedom to pursue highly individualized learning programs. The only thing between you and your knowledge goals is your will to do it and yeah! your mobile data also. Online education makes a student an independent learner. It exposes the student to the world and improves critical thinking.

Apart from students, it is very beneficial for educators also. The ones who wish to share their knowledge and flaunt their teaching ability to the world the platforms welcome them. It does not require a heavy setup which makes it easy and affordable for every teacher.

Drawbacks of online classes 

In online classes, the student lacks the grooming by a teacher. You can gain knowledge but for a developed personality you need a teacher, a guide who can correct your mistakes and shows you the right path.

Online education has one major drawback it lacks the development of communication skills in kids which can be infused in the children in a school easily. 

It is difficult for a student who is not disciplined enough to timely attend online classes and follow a tight schedule. 

The major drawback of online classes is that it affects the health of children. Increased screen time usage affects the mood, strains eyes, and in some cases can also trigger anxiety and depression. 

Many international students have to change their sleep schedules due to their online classes.

Online classes have a negative impact even on teachers. Many of our teachers especially in villages and small towns are not much-connected to the internet and the sudden shift from classrooms to online classes has troubled them. They find it hard to adjust. Conducting online classes became a headache for them. 

Some students taking advantage of the privacy these platforms provide starts mocking the teachers in the live classes. This has stressed teachers a lot.

One should always respect a teacher no matter either he is in a classroom or a virtual class. The impacts of online classes are many but we should focus on the positive aspects only.


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