Jehan Daruvala made his country proud by being the first Indian to win a Formula 2 race. The promising Indian driver won the Formula 2 race at Sakhir Grand Prix on Sunday. Jehan won the race after a thrilling match against F2 champion Mick Schumacher and Daniel Ticktum.

Jehan was on the second grid and had a smooth launch and his competitor Daniel Ticktum was on the pole-sitter.

In motorsports, pole position is the position at the inside of the front row at the start of a racing event. The position is given to a driver based on his performance in the trials. The driver with the best performance is given the first position called pole sitter and he has the advantage of being on the number 1 grid slot. In the F2 race, Jehan driving for Rayo Racing bagged the second grid and Daniel Ticktum being the best performer in the trials was on 1st grid i.e, Pole sitter.

The match was thrilling and unforeseeable fill with nail-biting moments. 

When Ticktum squeezed Jehan on the inside, Schumacher took advantage of it to go around the outside of both of them. Eventually, Ticktum was leading and followed by Schumacher and Jehan in third but soon the scene flipped and Jehan made a clever move and outdistance Schumacher and grabbed the second position. 

A few laps later the match again flipped and the Schumacher passed Jehan and Jehan was thrown back on the 3rd position but the 22-year-old driver didn’t give up and after a thrilling match with Schumacher he gained back 2nd position. Now, Jehan was racing to take the first spot. Jehan made some successive quick laps and was competing for head to head with the race leader but overtaking him was getting difficult for Jehan.

The battle to be the first on this last race of the season was intensifying as Ticktum geared up to win the match. With every passing second match was becoming more gripping and thrilling.

Jehan was keeping his cool and was trying his best to reduce the pressure but it was getting difficult to overtake Ticktum. 

Eventually, when even less than 10 laps were left, Jehan made some awesome moves and managed to get past the Ticktum. Jehan managed to get past the tough competition to lead the race and seized the chequered flag and created history. 

Jehan’s Japanese teammate Yuki Tsunoda was only delayed by 3.5 seconds. Yuki Tsunoda was 2nd and Ticktum was third in the race.

Jehan’s winning the F2 race was a historic moment for India and when the National Anthem of India played out at an F2 podium Indians puffed up with pride. 

“Motorsport is pretty big in India. We obviously have a lot of people, so I have a big fan base back home, and my goal at the end of the day is to make myself and my country proud. “(I have) to prove to people from back home that even though we don’t have the same facilities and stuff that guys have in Europe, as long as you can work hard you can fight right at the sharp end of the grid,” Jehan said.


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