The ongoing protest against the farm laws has now started mobilizing the farmers of the whole nation. The protest that started against the three farm laws passed in September has started to become a pan-India Kisan movement. Farmers from other parts of the country such as Rajasthan Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh are also proceeding towards the Delhi borders in support of their brethren from Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh.

Facing tear gas, water cannons, and clashing with security personnel, hundreds of farmers entered the national capital on 27 Nov to hold a peaceful protest at a north Delhi ground but they retraced to the borders and continued protesting from there.

The new farm laws have left farmers so concerned and worried raises the question of what is in the farm laws?

What are the three farm laws that farmers are protesting against?

The three laws that were passed in the parliament will make the agricultural sector more liberal and they will “liberate” farmers from the tyranny of middlemen said Prime Minister Modi

According to the laws, farmers can bypass government-regulated markets (known locally as mandis) and sell products directly to private buyers.

It also states that They can now enter into contracts with private companies, a practice known in India as contract farming, and sell across state borders. This will eliminate the need for any middleman.

These new regulations also allow traders to stockpile food which earlier was a criminal offense. This is a shift away from prohibitions against hoarding, which could make it easier for traders to take advantage of rising prices, such as during a pandemic. 

The ultimate aim of these laws is to empower the farmers and make them the trader of their products.

But if everything is so good and simple then why farmers are protesting.

Why are farmers protesting against the farm laws?

The farm laws look all good and perfect but if you look at it from a perspective of a farmer you’ll understand the real issue.

The farmers fear the involvement of big corporates in this.

More than 86 percent of India’s cultivated farmland is controlled by smallholder farmers who own less than two hectares (five acres) of land each. They fear that they are not in a position to bargain with big corporates. They fear that they just do not have enough bargaining power to get the kinds of prices they need for a decent standard of living when they negotiate to sell their products to larger companies.

The new laws also do not make written contracts mandatory. The majority of farmers are poor and illiterate, they do not have any clarity about laws or any support in this. They can be easily cheated or manipulated. 

If they get in a brawl with these corporations they don’t have the power or money to fight back against them. They fear that these new laws will leave them in a position where they can neither bargain nor refuse.

The new rules do not guarantee any minimum price for any product, and farmers worry that the existing MSP will be abolished at some point.

What will farmers do?

The farmers have raised their concerns to the government and they vow to keep protesting till all their demands are accepted. 

Even after so much if the government will not complete their requests they’ll intensify the protest, said several farmer’s leaders.

“If the government does not fulfill our demands, we will have to take more steps” farmer leader Gurnam Singh Chadoni (PTI).

Will block other roads of Delhi if govt does not withdraw new three farm laws, say leaders of protesting farmers at the press conference (PTI)

Transporters also threaten to halt operations in North India from Dec 8 in support of agitating farmers, reports PTI.

They want the government to call a special Parliament Session to repeal the farm laws.

Amid the ongoing farmers’ protests, Congress on Wednesday asked the Centre to convene the Winter Session of Parliament. . Punjab CM Amarinder Singh who is supporting the farmers will meet home minister Amit Shah tomorrow in Delhi over new farm laws, reports PTI quoting sources.

Kanhaiya Kumar joins Left parties stir against Agri bills, reports PTI.

The next meeting of government with farmers will be held tomorrow


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