A fan is a necessity if you live in a tropical country. In India, a fan is a valuable thing as without a fan, it is very hard to survive in the summers. Weather changes as you move from South to North of India but fan suits at all places. Either a ceiling fan, table fan, or wall fan, a fan is always in demand in India. Thus, the fan market in India shows significant growth over the years. Many renowned brands are making themselves more established and trustable with each passing day and Jupiter is no less than them. 

Jupiter is a renowned name in the world of fans and it has been receiving the love of customers for the last 13 years is Jupiter. It is a “perfect Enterprise” that excels in the manufacturing of Ceiling, Table, Wall, Pedestal, and Air Circulator Fan Components.

Jupiter is an ISO 9001:2008 Company which manufactures Press and Turned Electrical fan components. They are one of the most prominent players in the market and they have earned a reputation by providing quality service to their customers.

Jupiter fans are evolving themselves with time. They are the result of the hard work of innovative minds and are equipped with advanced technologies. Jupiter is a complete package of high-quality and energy-efficiency. They specialize in making Brushless DC fans also referred to as Inverter Drive Technology. Some of its advanced features include Auto switch off mode, a remote that can be operated at 5 different speeds, less power consumption, the fans can run in both clockwise and anti-clockwise direction and it can be operated in any direction. Jupiter’s brushless DC fan is one more addition to its innovative products list.

Jupiter’s fans reflect innovation and creativity. They have revolutionized the traditional fan market. The fan components are made with 100% copper and they also have inverter backup. Jupiter BLDC ceiling fan is a master in Energy efficiency. They also specialize in making Wall, Pedestal, Ceiling, Table, and Air Circulator Fan Components.

Jupiter is well-reputed in the market for its high customer satisfaction rate and customer service. They have highly skilled and trained professionals. who are specially trained in their respective sphere of activity and are aware of every pros and con of this sector. They ensure the safety of the materials, proper execution of the services, and convenience of the customers. They execute their services with high perfection and are equipped with the latest and advanced technologies and for the areas that warrant them. 

Jupiter has its registered office in Balanagar, Hyderabad, and has several distributors spread across the country in Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and wish to expand it further. 

Jupiter’s fans stand high in the fan market. It is awarded different certificates such as, “Perfect enterprise”, “Bureau of energy efficiency”, “Perfect enterprises”, and certificate of membership from the Quality circle forum of India, and it is rated as India’s Most Energy Efficient BLDC Ceiling Fan and runs on BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) Technology. 

Jupiter fans are rated top in BEE energy-efficient App.

Jupiter has its reach on digital platforms as well and they are also available on their website http://jupiterfans.com/. Their active customers are Amazon, Flipkart, Kohler. They are also trusted by Indian railways, Indian posts, and Mahindra. 

Jupiter has been performing well in this sector and it is working constantly to expand its business further and reach new heights. Their first priority is customer satisfaction. They want to ensure that their customers are always equipped with fans of the latest technology.


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