Humans are good at adapting but while adapting we often forget our roots. To meet the standards of success defined by the society we cut off our roots and neglect our passions but we often forget that success is defined by us, our happiness, our priorities. There are only a few people who appreciate this fact and are courageous enough to follow their passion who takes forward what they love and live their life on their terms. One such person is Anil Kumar Ananthapuram who followed his passion and rediscovered the world around him with a new outlook.

Anil Kumar Ananthapuram, an EX CTO of a mobile retail company was on his way to discover his passion but God has greater plans for him. On his journey, he started perceiving a different perspective for his hometown disclosing several engrossing facts about Ananthapuram.

People scroll feeds for hours and waste their time on it but some people like Anil are clever enough to use the power of the Internet wisely. Anil started a Facebook page called discover Ananthapuram which displays the completely hidden features of his hometown, Ananthapuram. He explored the history and culture of Ananthapuram and discovers its captivating history of 200 years. Anil is also a photographer and leaves no chance to capture the beauty of Ananthapuram in his camera.

With the help of his camera and his Facebook page, he captures the beautiful art and culture of Ananthapuram and presents it in a way that people have never seen before. Food, buildings, hospitals, monuments, or police stations nothing remains unattended from his eyes.

With his efforts, he has gained massive popularity in Ananthapuram with 50000 plus followers on Facebook who are deeply involved in supporting his work and always appreciate him.

Knowledge is not restricted to any means. You can learn from anywhere if you are curious enough and Anil proved it. From the streets and locals to the libraries of London he has put all the efforts to uncover several facts and data about historical buildings and the history behind them which he will publish in a book in march 2021. From lifeless to living, he appreciates everything on his posts. Apart from the monuments and the buildings, he highlights the local talents through his Facebook page. He brings the local talent and helps them in getting sponsors to take their passion forward either it is ancient martial art or para-swimming. He also gathers facts and helps in the identification of the unique places of districts for the tourism department.

With his optimistic attitude, he has been fortunate enough to identify 3 heritage buildings that are 120 years old. He has taken the initiative to conserve and restore these buildings for future generations all at his own cost.

He is not just redefining his boundaries he is shaping the lives of the people of Ananthpuram. His efforts have been changing lives, some of the stories bring into the limelight by him have changed the lives of people and brings hopes for a better future.

He plans to take this initiative further to other places in the country. There are places and heritage sites that need conservation and restoration like Ananthapuram. He is determined to educate people about the conservation of heritage and its importance in our society, he wants to inform people about the prosperous side of heritage tourism and the ethical side of conserving it. He wants to emphasize the need for heritage conservation as it is key to connect the present with the past. Heritage buildings and architectures are good for tourism and the economy and it boosts the local market. It also serves as an opportunity for the local craftsman to flourish. In the pandemic situation, small vendors and craftsmen are struggling hard to meet their ends, and upliftment of local talent and heritage sites can be a step in their favor. Anil is using the power of social media well and informing and educating people on such topics, he wishes to educate more and more people on such topics.

Corona left the world stagnated for a few months with the population locked down under their houses, life has turned monotonous. Corona changed the lives of millions of peoples and has affected everyone especially the frontline warriors. They were working hard to keep things agreeable for us. People appreciated them but only a few were on the ground truly helping them and witnessing their lives and challenges closely.

In the pandemic when people prefer to stay at home and isolated when Anil was probably the only one in the Ananthpuram interviewing the health care workers and patients and visiting all Covid ICUs to document the fight against coronavirus by the district administration.

We all like to gain popularity on social media but only a few know to use it as a tool. 10 percent of the Ananthpuram population is Anil followers on Facebook and he adroitly uses his fan base for better deeds. He initiated blood donation programs and covid hero programs to save the lives of people and to encourage others to do so. His covid hero program appreciated health care sanitation and the dynamic contribution of police in the fight against corona.

With sanitation being a concern for everyone his Covid hero program inspired severals and educates many more about the need and importance of sanitization. He educated people how sanitations plays a crucial role in fighting the coronavirus and how it is good for us in our day to day life.

Even though the government has initiated several sanitization programs such as Swach Bharat Abhiyan but such initiatives can’t succeed without the support of the citizens and many people belonging to rural areas are still unaware of all this. He is doing his part by educating them and taking cleaning drives in his locality and encouraging others to do the same. 

This story signifies what a man can do if he believes in himself. Anil Kumar Ananthapuram is an inspiration who created a unique identity for himself and his hometown and he is constantly helping others to do so. He is providing others a platform to showcase themselves and raise their voices and connect the people with their culture and history. He is a hope for development and he is encouraging others to take needed steps for the conservation of our heritage and culture and persuade them to be an aid for each other.   


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