Coronavirus has brought tough times for everyone. With the growing corona crisis, we have seen some drastic changes. Some business has collapsed while some other businessmen are taking it as a challenge and Krishna Pandya is one of them. He is a genius mind, Mentor, Story Teller, Business Consultant, and Public Speaker.

Krishna Pandya is a renowned name in the Serial Entrepreneurship. He is also a visionary, disruptive forward-thinker, trendsetter, determined for perfection and creativity in all that he does. This dynamic entrepreneur of the young generation belongs to Pune, India. He believes that constant focus is the key to success. Those who put efforts constantly are the one who thrives on success.

He is patriotic with an ultimate vision of Nation-Building. His ventures help in nation-building by employing the youth and giving the opportunity to the young entrepreneurs and aids in the shaping of GDP. He produces Leaders & Entrepreneurs of the next generation. Along with his beliefs of “Scalability with Sustainability” two things that are rooted in his intellect are “Creating Next Generation Leaders” and “Contributing Nation Building”.

He is a leader of a professional team and business associates across 7 ventures. His V21 Group has emerged as one of the most diversified business aggregate serving in Real Estate Strategic Consultancy, Project Management & Interior Fitout, Construction and Infrastructure, NextGen Technologies Developments, Agriculture, Health Care Protection, Financial and Business Consultation/Coaching including Sales Distribution Network Development all this under his leadership. He is not just achieving goals and targets but delivering the exponential 40% plus YOY Growth with a record time of fewer than 30 months from the institution.

Krishna has bagged several National and International prestigious awards. He has earned recognition for his outstanding leadership, remarkable vision, delivery track record, and contribution. Among his several achievements, some are “Entrepreneurs of the Year 2020” by Indian Achievers, “Outstanding Serial Entrepreneurs of the Year 2020” by Business Mint National Wide Awards, “Marketing Guru” by RE/MAX India, “ Best Office Leader (BO)  by RE/MAX Asia Pacific Convention at Seoul, South Korea, Best Debut Real-Estate Consultant by Godrej Property and many more.

He is the Founder/ Co-Founder of seven (7) companies in diversified areas with a proven track record of delivering results across ventures. His venture are namely;








Apart from being a successful businessman, he is an inspiration for budding entrepreneurs who seek his mentorship, and ideas, strategy, plans, and its flawless execution. With years of experience in diversified industries, he has established himself as a proven performer, eminent people’s leader, and an appreciable storyteller as well. His stories are a constant source of motivation for others and leave people awe-inspired. 

He has been a part of the corporate world for over 20 years and has worked with several prestigious companies and polished his skills by working in Global MNCs that are globally recognized including General Motors International Operations, Navistar Engines USA, Foton Motors China, Mahindra and Mahindra Group, Essar Group, etc at the Leadership and Management level and being exposed to business modules of various countries across the World.

The knowledge he gained in a span of 20 years, he uses it effectively. He stands with pride because of his excellence and astonishing leadership quality and has been managing all the operations with flexibility and a devoted approach towards it. He is a constant source of inspiration to others, and others like to learn and adapt to his excellence. He offers advice to Start-ups/ MSMEs and also assists them in making the right and virtuous decisions, investment, and business plans. He also provides services across diversified industries. He is a master of the ocean of knowledge but still considered himself a learner. 

People look up to him, admire him, and cherish his achievements. He has been a motivator for people and a mentor for more than 100 plus professionals across different industries. Others try to adapt his excelling characteristics and he also loves in uplifting skills of others.  

By working with different peoples and in different MNCs he has gained wide exposure worldwide and has also learned working methods of different companies in different countries and practices. He is experienced in managing global projects. He has worked on Projects across 5 Continentals with 30 plus Countries namely; the USA, Australia, Singapore, Dubai, South Africa, Russia, China, Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, New Zealand, and European Countries, etc. 

Either it is a book or life lesson he never stops learning. He is an achiever in academics and his Accomplishments include a Diploma in Civil Engineering, B.Tech in Construction, PG Diploma in HSE, MBA in Project Management, International Business Management, and Ph.D. in Business Strategy, etc. He has spent a long time of his career devoted to high-quality projects just to gain excellence and expand his comprehension. He has clarity in concepts and executes it with distinct strategies in varied fields. 

With wide experience and vast knowledge, Krishna has mastered everything he does and he has taken another step in this journey by initiating (3) latest ventures serving three different industries, setting a perfect example for Adoption, Ahead of the increasing Competition amid COVID-19, Future Ready Market Fit for NEW NORMAL SALEMAX PLUS TECHNOLOGY

SALEMAX PLUS TECHNOLOGY INDIA’s first Integrated PropTech Virtual Sales Platform. It is his first venture and AR/VR/MR enable, which allows the customer to explore different options to E – site visits, 360 Walk Through, Real-time Inventories selection to Online Booking and Payment all this in the comfort of home, Office or Anywhere they want without any rush and hectic and act as Sales booster for Real-estate and Associated Industries in this difficult time. SALEMAX PLUS Virtual Platform is making his mark with the positive response with onboarding India’s Top Developers like Godrej Properties, Shapoorji Palani, Mahindra LifeSpace, Purvankara, K Raheja, VTP Realty, and many more using across Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and NCR Markets.

His Second Venture is HOME+SHIELD INDIA, it is an idea to make the world after corona a bit normal for people. It is an automated, safe, and uber effective UV Sanitation product that kills Virus, Bacteria, Fungus, Germs from “Almost Everything” in a few minutes.

With wide research, testing, and analysis it has been approved and Certified as MAKE IN INDIA’s UV Sanitation Product, Launching First of its kind in India covering all areas including Homes, Hospitals, Retails, Corporates Offices, Malls-Multiplex, and Institutes, etc. This Innovative product bids higher than its competitors and has been performing incredibly well in the industry. HOME+SHIELD INDIA has trained 100 plus Sales Business Associates are promoting and selling the products in each corner of India swiftly. 

His Third Venture, HERBSMINE AGROTECH is working into Organic & Non-Organic Farming in the Agricultural field and developing an Integrated Tech Platform. It focuses on the whole agriculture Eco System like; Farmers, Small Traders, Importers-Exporters, Buyers, and Logistics Parties, Export, Trading, Contract Farming, Agri Consultancy, Food Processing, and Cultivation of high value and demanding Agri products across domestics and international Market covering Essential Goods, Medicine, Herbal, Wellness Industries.

HERBSMINE has successfully delivered various Export and Domestics Orders and also had a strategic and worthy tie-up with 100 Plus Farmers/Traders, Onboarded 25 Plus Business Associates across India.

His Ventures has been a winner of several multiple national prestigious awards as;

SALEMAX PLUS – IT Excellence of the Year 2020, Best Emerging PropTech Company of the Year 2020, Be Marketing Platform of the Year 2020

HOMESHIELD INDIA – Best Covid 19 Solution of the Year 2020, Innovative Product of the Year 2020 – Home & Office Sanitation Category, Promising Start of the Year 2020

HERBSMINE AGROTECH – Agriculture Start-up of the Year 2020, Emerging Brand of the Year – Agro

V21 Realty Plus – Top Channel Partners by Kolte Patil Developers, Best Debut Real Estate Consultant by Godrej Properties, Power House TEAM by RE/MAX India, Best Emerging PropTech Company of the Year 2020 – SALEMAXPLUS, Agriculture Start-up of the Year 2020 – HERBSMINE AGROTECH, Innovative Product of the Year 2020 – Home & Office Sanitation Category – HOME+SHIELD PROTECTION PVT LTD

He has bagged several titles and appraisals from wherever he has worked. He has combat all the challenges in his life and has emerged as a true leader and inspiration for everyone.


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