The first autopsy of a patient infected with the deadly coronavirus in Karnataka has revealed presence of the virus in nasal and throat swab samples even 18 hours after death. It was conducted to understand how the infection affects the human body.

Dr. Dinesh Rao, a forensic expert, who performed the autopsy said the lungs of the 62-year-old patient were “hard as a leather ball”, with air sacks ruptured and clots in the blood vessels. “Lungs normally weigh about 600-700 gm, but this Covid victim’s lungs together weighed 2.1 kg, and the texture was leathery, not soft and spongy. There were blood clots and it was shocking to see what the virus had done to the lungs, “ said Dr Rao. 

According to him, these findings are a little different from studies in Italy and the US and he wants to do more autopsies before coming to any conclusions. 


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