UP CM Yogi Adityanath.

Source: News18

Calling the Congress party governments in Punjab and Rajasthan,a proverbial cat that seeks salvation after killing 100 rats, UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Monday shifted blame for the road accident in Auraiya, in which 26 migrant labourers were killed.

“In the unfortunate accident that took place in UP’s Auraiya, the Congress leadership should understand that one truck (involved in the accident) was from Rajasthan, while the other was coming from Punjab. A hefty amount of money was taken from the migrant labourers, who were returning to Bihar and Jharkhand. What were they (Congress) doing then? You will exploit people and then put up an honest face,” speaking to a news channel, Adityanath said.

He continued, “The (Hindi) idiom ‘100 chuhe khaakar, billi Haj ko chali (a cat seeking salvation after consuming 100 rats)’ fits on the Congress today. This is the shameful face of the Congress. I condemn the Congress leadership for making fun of the migrant labourers.”

Twenty-six migrant workers were declared dead on Saturday early morning, after a trailer truck carrying sacks of lime along with people rammed into a stationary truck with many migrant workers sitting in it near a roadside eatery on the national highway in Auraiya.


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