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Frontline healthcare workers are facing a severe shortage of personal protection equipment (PPE) suits or hazmat suits.A number of retail shops have now emmerged across the country, offering such specialised medical suits at cheap prices.

Shops in Tirupur – also called the knitwear city of India – in Tamil Nadu are offering such suits for as low as Rs 198 and Rs 225, take minimum order for 50 suits with courier charges extra.

“These are not ideal PPE suits; these are just clothing to protect you from the droplet infections. They don’t really protect you against the virus. These designer suits don’t serve any purpose. They are only for earning money,” Dr P Venkata Krishnan, internal medicine specialist at Paras Hospital in Gurugram said.

The original suits have a 360-degree cover and once the person gets into the suit, that person has to zip it and put another layer of cover for the zip also so that the person is fully protected.


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