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There has been a growing speculation all around the world that the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is recovering from major surgery, or gravely ill, or maybe dead.

The rumors of Kim Jong Un’s sickness got started around April 15 due to his absence at the birthday of Kim Il Sung, North Korea’s revered founder and grandfather of Kim Jong Un, which is considered an important day in the country. It was also odd that the country’s media was silent about the missile tests conducted just the day before.

The South Korean media outlet suggested that Kim had recently undergone heart surgery and was recuperating “at a villa outside of Pyongyang.”

But President Trump did not quite agree with the report, “I think the report was incorrect,” the president said during Thursday’s daily White House briefing, adding that he had heard it was based on “old documents.”

Recent news from South Korean news service Newsis reported on friday that Kim may have been evacuated to the coastal city of Wonsan, Kangwon Province, where he may have been overseeing construction of a major resort.

Speculation in South Korea media also suggested he was staying out of Pyongyang as a precaution against catching coronavirus.

According to a recent report by Reuters, China has sent a team of officials, including medical experts, to advise on Kim’s illness.

The North Korean media is completely silent about the rumours and continues to act as if everything is normal in the country.


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